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Swiss Dental Australia is a full service laboratory based in Brisbane using exclusively  CAD/CAM technology.

Swiss Dental Australia is now in its fourth operational year. Swiss and Australian dental technicians and clinicians in the field of implant dentistry achieved to restore complex cases exclusively with CAD/CAM technology by using only bio-compatible materials such as pure grade 5 titanium, zirconia, IPS emax and PMMA.

Dimosthenis Mantokoudis

We do not sell you  just a crown - we support the clinicians during the planning but also the maintenance phase with our support team.


Clinical research from The University of Gotheburg, Sweden, has proven that any metal alloy in direct contact with soft-tissue does show a significant amount of increased inflamation cells. CAD/CAM technology allows the production of 100% bio-compatible restorations with a predictable precision and esthetic outcome.


Our in-house milling centre allows us to serve the dental community with high quality cost-effective restorations delivered within a few days that makes the outsourcing to offshore unregulated markets not attractive anymore. My team is looking forward to working with you!


Kind regards

Dimosthenis Mantokoudis,


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